Friday, May 18, 2018

36 Hours in Torrey

Torrey, Utah
(aka Capitol Reef National Park land)

What to Do:

If you have followed the 36 Hours series at all, you know that we are a hiking family. And so as I was researching things to do in Torrey and saw that we could go on a hike with llamas, it was a no-brainer! We showed up a bit early which was just fine because we got to sit on these rocking chairs watching the llamas get loaded up and their packs on. 

We took five llamas on the guided hike with us - but now that we know how gentle and easy llamas are, I would totally use them for an overnight pack trip. Even our littlest child - he is 3 years old - loved walking the llamas! It was like walking a well behaved dog.

We crossed a little marsh and then headed out in the Capitol Reef country.

We went up and down a few hills to get to the best spot for snacks and water before heading back. 

Look how those llamas just follow at a perfect distance. 

Along the dry wash, Adam, our guide showed us some really interesting rocks like this ripple stone. I am so glad he pointed out pieces of the landscape that we would have never noticed on our own!

There were even log bridges to cross on during this hike which was a definite highlight for these kids!

Wilderness Ridge Trail llamas are a stellar business that really showcase how beautiful Capitol Reef is and to let one just enjoy hiking without carrying the weight. Plus, each of my children wanted to take their own llama home! 

Where to Stay:

Have you ever wondered what it was like for those early pioneers who crossed the plains and made their wagons their home? Well, we got to experience it on a grand scale! We stayed at the Broken Spur Inn actually in conestoga wagons. Now, these wagons have all the modern convenience of a hotel room, but the charm of glamping!

Each wagon had a crazy comfy king sized bed, bunk beds, a futon that pulled out to a full sized bed, and a microwave and fridge. We slept so soundly in these.

Oh, there was even a heater/air conditioning unit which came in handy because the first night had a slight chill to the air! Broken Spur really thought of how to make these wagons so comfortable!

The king size bed's headboard was the driver seat! I, mean, come on! How awesome is that?! 

There was even a fantastic playground for the kids to play on. And you can see the bath house in the background - each cabin had their own bathroom (with lock and key). 

The pool was incredible! It was large, heated and it has a retractable ceiling and walls for the summer months! 

Where to Eat (if it had been open):

We cannot wait to go back and eat here! The atmosphere was just so much fun! There was a family-friendly bar area with saddles as the bar stools which served soda pop! WHAT?! And there was a drop down dance floor for line dancing! And a REAL conestoga wagon with dress up clothes for kids to play. 

The outdoor patio was outfitted with tvs and a fireplace, but I can pretty much guarantee that the view of the mountains will be what everyone will be looking at! 

We all loved the way our friends, Francine and Gary, made this a great hang out for every age.