Monday, August 8, 2016

Payson Canyon - Hell's Kitchen

If you are looking for a near-by escape, but are feeling that you don't necessarily want to get out and hike for long - go on a drive up Payson Canyon and the Nebo Scenic Loop. 28 miles up the canyon road is a short (like 500 meters long) paved trail to this beautiful overlook. If you've never been to Bryce Canyon, then this is a close and mini-substitute. We picnicked up there after looking at the view and checked out the bugs and butterflies and chipmunks. 

My girls enjoyed climbing on the juniper trees along the walk-way. 

We had to hike down from the overlook because it was just too beautiful to stay on the trail; sometimes, you need to be daring. 

Lots of these old junipers to climb on and sit in. 


  • It's a very narrow canyon with many curves, so if you (and/or your children) get car sick, beware! 
  • There are restrooms at the parking lot
  • Drive with your windows down and just marvel at the majestic views

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