Friday, May 27, 2016

French Kiss Friday

What’s even more fun than hiking with kids?  Hiking WITHOUT KIDS!!


My husband and I love to get out and explore when we get a minute to ourselves.  Sometimes it’s long weekends away on really intense hiking adventures.

Or it’s just a walk up the canyon in the evening while the babysitter deals with bedtime.  Being outside, breathing in the fresh air of the mountains is so good for a relationship I think.  As we walk we talk about our kids, what’s stressing us out or what’s happening at work.  Don’t get me wrong, dinner and a movie is awesome and usually what I feel like doing on our date nights.  But when we don’t do that and get out together and talk I’m always so glad we did.  

(Also, try it on a clear night with a full moon and no headlamps.  It’s just kinda fun!) 

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