Friday, July 1, 2016

Build something

We have had "build a garden box" on our perpetual "to-do list" for five years running. Finally, this spring we decided to build it as a date night. And boy howdy was it ever fun! I found a tutorial and we pretty much followed it with a change here and there. My husband on his way home from work, picked up the supplies at Home Depot and then we got right to work. 

He cut most of the wood as I herded children away from the saw. 

I used the drill and power screwdriver (not sure what the tools are called). Our two little boys tried their best to get in on the action, too. 

The redwood his chose was so pretty and I love the bench all around it. 

It took only about one hour start to finish to build a 4'x8' garden box. I think next year when we build another two, we will make them 4'x12', though. The garden box supplies were pricey for a date, but if you factor in a no-babysitter fee and not eating out and how much use we will get out of it, it was an inexpensive date. So, get outside and build something, anything - power tools are FUN!

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