Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Puddle Jumpers

In my pre-mom life, I was a life guard and swim instructor. I love(d) being in the water and helping little children be safe, but I was never a fan of life jackets and don't even get me started on those water-wings! Life jackets give children a false sense of security and they do not put a child's body in the correct position for swimming.  However, my negative feelings were before I had 5 kids in 5 years and I wasn't sure how in the world I was going to manage going to a pool with my children by myself. I had to find a solution. Enter Puddle Jumpers! These are game changers, I'm telling you! My children love to wear them because they can swim just as if they were not wearing them and I don't even worry about them. I, of course, want my children to swim on their own - we do swim lessons and encourage them to swim often to build confidence and strength - but when it's just me and the kids at a pool, the rule is: all MUST wear puddle jumpers. There are too many innocent tragedies/accidents with small children drowning and I do not want to live through that nightmare! So, hurry to your local store (even Costco carries them) and for about $15 you can have peace of mind at the pool, too! 

This hot spring is at least 30' deep and so even though my husband was with us, puddle jumpers for everyone...can never be too safe, right?!

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