Monday, July 4, 2016

Hobble Creek Canyon - Whiting Campground

Up Hobble Creek Canyon, there is a lovely little spot to hike and picnic (and camp, although we haven't done that) called Whiting Campground. You can hike for as long as you would like as the trail just goes and goes; we however, rarely go in very far (perhaps 1/2 mile) because we just love to collect leaves and look for animals and bugs.

We hiked one fall morning and it was chilly, but warmed up gloriously!

The trail is easy to follow and mostly flat. It was shady in the beginning and then opened up to some meadows along the way. There is an old mini-canal on the trail that we stopped and floated leaves and sticks in (the water was about 6" deep).

The best part, though, was the little creek with the log bridge. We spent close to an hour in this spot just soaking in the scenery and playing in the creek.

My kids couldn't get enough of this spot - it was perfect for imaginative play.

A teeny bit of mud is always a good thing and this place had just the right amount - not too much to create a big mess.

My toddlers were just safe playing in the shallow creek - throwing rocks and wading in it.

This bridge was just so much fun to traipse across - the trail on the other side heads up the mountain - steep, but not strenuous. If you have time, definitely explore up that side.

There is even a bench where I sat and nursed the baby while watching my others play. Idyllic!


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