Friday, July 8, 2016

Heber Valley Cheese Factory Tour

My husband and I love cheese.  In fact most of our anniversaries or celebrations inlcude a baked brie or some emmentaler fondue or just a cheese/fruit platter.  The sharper the better.  So when I heard about a cheese factory tour and tasting in Heber I grabbed tickets right away.  The Heber Valley Artisan Cheese factory is located in the crazy adorable town of Midway.  They offer cheese tours the first friday of every month.  Just check the website to get tickets!  


You begin the tour with the owner and operator of Heber Valley Cheese, a 4th generation dairy farmer.  He walks you through the cheese making process and answers any questions you may have.  The process is pretty amazing and kinda makes me want to try it out at home some day.  

Next, you enter “The Cave” where they keep all the cheese cold so it can age and intensify in flavor.  When I visited a cheese factory in Switzerland a million years ago they had an actual cave where they aged the cheese but here in Midway, Utah, a refrigerator room will do the trick.



Finally, you get to taste!  They had an entire table of experimental cheeses that they are testing out.  From herb infused to salsa marinated to a white vanilla bean cheese. Along with all the cheeses - that they actually sell right there in the store - they provide complimentary apples and pears to cleanse your palate.  So many amazing combinations!!

They ask you to score everything so they can fine-tune their business.  It was so fun to be a part of this process.  Not to mention delicious!


Also, on the way out the we grabbed some ice cream.  As former Utah State University Aggies we were so beyond excited to see they sell our all time favorite flavor “Aggie Blue Mint!”  


Heber Valley Artisan Cheese Factory
920 River Road
Midway, Utah 84049

$7.00/ person

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