Friday, June 24, 2016


One of our all time favorite places to go when we're kid-less is thrift shopping.  In fact, when we're on vacation, we always make a point to stop at a local thrift store to see what we can find.  The ritzier the area the better the thrift store is going to be. Our all time favorite places are the ten thousand Goodwill's in Portland.  If you were to come into my house and start snooping through things probably about 85% of my stuff is second hand.  I love it!  So here are my favorite things to find at a thrift store:

--I always start out at the glassware and serveware.  I love milk glass and I've found dozens of little pieces to add to my growing collection.

--Next we check the videos and tapes.  Yes, we still have a VHS player and a tape player.  We love tapes because we don't have to be as careful with them as DVDs or CDs.  Just be sure to open the case and make sure you're really getting what your thinking.  One time I bought "What about Bob" and ended up with "Winnie the Pooh."  Bitter disappointment.

--Skim through the games section.  Usually the games are complete and usually under 2 bucks.  My kids only play a game a few times before it gets shelved, so at $2 I don't feel too bad about it.

--I never look at furniture or appliances.  They are usually not worth the money.

--Then John and I split up while he looks at boy clothes and I look at girls.  He likes button up, vintage cowboy shirts.  I like to have something in mind that I'm looking for.  Like right now I'm looking for pencil skirts and graphic t shirts.  (my uniform this summer)

--Last of all we end up at shoes.  I know some people have issues with second hand shoes.  I absolutely have no issue.  I just wipe them out with a wipey and call it a good deal.  Seriously you guys, I have like a hundred of the cutest shoes you've ever seen.  They are ALL from thrift stores.  You just can't beat the prices.

We'll spend like $50 and come home with 6 bags full of treasures.  It's the most fun!! And yes, John bought that whole outfit!

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