Thursday, June 16, 2016

Pioneer Park

Whenever we are in St. George we always stop at Pioneer Park. It’s the perfect place for kids to burn off some energy and have the freedom to explore wherever they want to go.  There is a really well maintained botanical garden at the entrance (and as an added bonus: it is decorated with lights during the holidays).


According to my children, though, the really fun part of Pioneer Park is “The Crack”. It’s a small slot canyon that’s perfect for kids, especially if you’re new to canyoneering and want to see if that is something your family will enjoy doing.  It’s pretty tight and dark in places, but each of my kids (ages 2-9) go through it over and over again.  I am about 130 pounds and I can fit through it (with a couple moments of panic here and there).  My husband is about 190 pounds and cannot fit!  


After a few dozen times through the crack we let the kids run loose all over the red rocks.  It is such a beautiful view over St. George and there’s nothing steep or technical, just fun!


You can explore an old pioneer home with an hearth that’s cool.  


There are picnic tables spread through the red rocks which make Pioneer Park a perfect place to come for a picnic.  They even have an iron bridge connecting two big red rock boulders that people will sometimes attach lovelocks to.  There are several lovelock locations around the world and even shops set up where you can buy special lovelocks that you can have engraved and then hook them onto the bridge at Pioneer Park.  We love Pioneer Park and have made it tradition to stop here every time we are in the area.  


Pioneer Park
Location:  Red Hills Parkway, St. George
Hours: 6 am - 10 pm
Cost: FREE

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