Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Evenflo Snugli Cross Terrain Carrier

As a retired junior high history teacher, I love to research for all sorts of items that will be used in our family for years. One item has been a backpack we can hike with comfortably (and is comfortable for the child) and can also hold diapers, wipes, snacks, water. We wanted a backpack that would not throw us off balance because the center of gravity balance was too high. We also wanted one that wouldn't place the child higher than our head (because it is too easy to forget and accidentally bonk the child's head on a tree branch or rock). After much research and reading reviews about different carriers, we settled on the Snugli Cross Terrain backpack. It has been great for us! It is light, the packet to hold all we need for the baby, our water, etc is located under the child (they sit on it) which is handy when needing to access it without unloading the child. There are several pockets along the waist belt and back to store smaller items (like keys, cell phone, chapstick). 

We put the sun shade on, but our baby wanted to feel the warmth this day, so we just adjusted it so only the back of his head was protected. 

Along with many pockets, there are also hooks and clips to hold whatever else you made need on the hike. 

It is our best pack to carry everything including lifejackets, other children's water packs...kids! Disclaimer: it is no longer being produced, but the good news is: you may be able to score one for a steal on eBay! 

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  1. I got one second hand but can’t find a manual anywhere to adjust it 😔