Monday, June 20, 2016

Hike to the "G"

Our family has hiked to Battle Creek Falls in Pleasant Grove, Utah, but we had never hiked to the "G" which starts at the same trailhead. So one afternoon this spring, we decided that we should try the other hike on that mountain. It was a cloudy day (which was such a great thing since there is very little shade along the hike), and so we strapped on our Camelbaks and headed up the mountain. When you get to the parking lot, you can either follow the sign and turn to the right, or you can go across the bright blue bridge and pass the picnic tables to access the trail (we chose the bridge to "trip trap" across it like the three billy goats gruff).

This what it looks like when you meet up with the trail just past the picnic area:

The beginning of the trail is long and steep and exposed as it follows the mountain face.

I was honestly surprised that there was no complaining - well, until my 4 year old tripped and "hurt" her hand.

 The trail is very well marked and had a few spots where it was not level, but my children (including our 2 year old) maneuvered it just fine.

 A nice feature of this hike, was the many "rock chairs" along the way to stop and rest from the steepness.

There were even a few logs to rest on.

Once you see these junipers on the left along with a cell/radio tower (we had climbed quite a bit by this point), the trail then enters the shady section.

This shady section of scrub oak would be such a relief in the summer and fall when there are leaves on the trees.

Even the baby liked to peek around to see where the "G" was  - not far from this point.

 We were all surprised at how the "G" was made. We have hiked to BYU's "Y" which is four times the size and made of boulders that are cemented together and painted; the "G" is white fencing material (like a chain link fence) and you are not allowed on it.

We hiked all around the edge of the letter - be careful with young ones, this is VERY steep - and enjoyed a snack and pointed out different landmarks before turning around and heading back down.

The view was beautiful and the hike was fast on the way down (but a bit hard on my knees).

Drive west on 200 South in Pleasant Grove all the way to the end. It ends at the parking lot which is also the same one for the BattleCreek Falls hike. 

Go on a cloudy day as the first long part of the hike is exposed and it would be really hot.

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