Monday, June 6, 2016

The Soap Factory

I really wanted to do something different and interesting as a family for my husband’s birthday and The Soap Factory is just that.  

This is a really adorable little shop in Provo where you can make your own soap from start to finish in about 45 minutes.  The owner David takes you through the whole process from picking out the mold you want (he has hundreds of options) to picking out your scent to mixing and drying.


The drying process is faster than you’d think and he has games and soap letter tiles to play with while you wait.


After you pop your soap out of the mold he has any color you can imagine to paint them with.  Painting is not my most favorite activity to do with my kids so they were psyched to get a little messy!


(Full disclosure: this was a little bit of an extravagant activity.  All the little add ins add up but it was a special day and we felt like we were paying for the experience as well.  Plus the kids loved using “their” soap for weeks after. )

We didn’t try it out but also in his store David has a make your own granola bar with any kind of ingredient you can imagine.  We loved The Soap Factory!

Place: The Soap Factory
Location:  54 W Center St, Provo
Hours:  12-6 Mon, 12-9 Wed-Sat

Prices:  Vary depending on what you do.

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