Monday, June 27, 2016

The Grotto - Upper Falls

We’re always on the lookout for a kid friendly easy peasy hike.  The Grotto is Payson Canyon is just the thing.  A quick hike full of cool log bridges to cross and plenty of shade and even a waterfall at the end.  This hike just can’t be beat! The grotto hike can get crowded so we like to go early in the day if possible.  Another way to beat the crowds though is to continue hiking up past the waterfall to the top.


You’re not going to run into anybody up here and there is much more water to splash around in.


Since you’ve come this far you may as well keep going.  This hike seriously just gets better and better the further you explore.  My kids love a good dirt slide.  They just can’t help themselves.

This is a great family hike that everyone will love!  Also, Since you’re in payson anyway you should do yourself a favor and stop by the Payson Sip n Spot for your dirty dr. pepper and a homemade oreo cookie!


Place:  The Grotto
Location:  The trailhead is located on a big switchback on the Payson Canyon highway. There are places to park on both sides of the road but can quickly fill up with cars and horse trailers going on both this trail and the Benny Creek Trail.
Length of hike: .62 miles to waterfall
Difficulty: easy

Things to know: strollers are not suggested for this hike.  Also, there are no bathrooms available at the trail but there are some down the canyon road.

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