Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Importance of destination

Thru trial and error, we have discovered that hiking with small children means there must be a "destination" (often times that means water). Beautiful vistas and meadows just are not "enough" for my children and they will whine and complain if that is all there is to see/do. Water seems to make happy hikers all around.
along the Kanarraville creek

If at the end of the hike (even 2.5 miles each way), they can take a dip, then my children love the hike.
Diamond Fork Hot Springs 

Even if they cannot get in the water because it is either too chilly or the water looks less than clean, they still enjoy the hike.
Small resevoir in Leeds, UT

The water doesn't need to be deep to have fun. So, as you plan your hikes, be sure there is something for the little kids to look forward to like water!
Stream in the Uinta Mountains

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