Thursday, June 23, 2016

Toquerville Falls

Psssssst, want in on a secret?  The best swimming hole in Southern Utah that no one knows about?  Seriously, Toquerville Falls is just about the best picnic spot there is.


Warm water, beautiful view, waterfalls everywhere you look.  And it is right in the middle of the Southern Utah desert.


To get there, drive 11 miles north from Toquerville along Spring Creek to the pristine waters of the falls.


There really isn’t any deep water so you don’t need to worry about kids.  On the lower waterfall it gets a little deeper.  About waist high for an adult.  But you have to hike around to get down there so it’s unlikely toddlers will make it over there without you.  


Because this is more of a destination than a hike and you can drive right to the water's edge you can bring whatever food you want.  We had dinner here one night.



You’ll will love this secret little spot!  The only thing you really need to know about Toquerville Falls in that the dirt road into it is ruddy and pitted.  We made it in our minivan but there were spots where I was gripping my armrests pretty tight.  I would be careful just after a rainstorm or anytime you might guess it would be especially muddy.  

Place:  Toquerville Falls
Locations:  From state Route 17, the only highway through Toquerville, turn east onto Spring Street. This will be your road for the next 5.8 miles. This drive typically takes about 30 minutes to get to the falls.
Hours: best in the summer

Price: FREE!!

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