Monday, June 13, 2016

Red Ledges Area - Diamond Fork Canyon

Red Ledges is a short jaunt up Spanish Fork Canyon, but you'll feel like you are closer to Moab with all the red rock. We had a free evening in the fall and decided to see what we could do, climb, hike, explore up the canyon before bedtime...we ended up at Red Ledges and it did not disappoint (even though we left our 4 year olds shoes at home, oops!).  You cannot miss this area - it's about 5 miles up  Diamond Fork Canyon - you'll see the sign on your left called "Red Ledges Picnic Area".  

My girls all loved climbing the boulders at the parking lot while we loaded up the babies in packs.

As you can see, the 2 year old had to hike while the 4 year old rode in the pack with no shoes (we now are better at double checking that everyone has shoes before we leave the house). 

There is so much shade along the steep trail to get above the Red Ledges picnic area and we took advantage of it!

This trail was so great for our small children - they had quite a bit of practice scrambling up steep parts of the trail. They also enjoyed finding animal prints and seeing a few squirrels run around.

Pointing out the different colored flowers is always a fun activity while hiking; and sometimes the little hands cannot help but pick them. 

At the top looking down on the parking lot - isn't that beautiful?!

That ledge is quite a drop-off so watch the young ones! That view is incredible and we are looking forward to going back for a dinner and some longer exploring.

Get off I-15 Exit 257B onto US 6 East (towards Price). Continue up Spanish Fork Canyon for 10.8 miles and turn left at the "Diamond Fork CG" road. Follow that road for about 7 miles until you see the sign for Red Ledges.

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