Friday, June 10, 2016

Workout together

Check out a workout class!  I talked my husband into coming with me to Zumba and it was just about the most I laughed in a long time.  He’s very active and loves to hike and mountain bike and jog but Zumba was definitely not in his comfort zone. He told me the only way he would go is if I let him wear one my my workout tanks and his addidas sweat bands. All of us got a kick out of watching him trying to figure out the dance moves and move his hips.  Hysterical!!


You don’t have to belong to a gym to try out a workout class together!  If you google Yoga or Zumba or Barre Ballet  or Spin and your city there are classes going on everywhere.  Most gyms offer a free or cheap introduction class too.  You don’t have to sign up or anything.  But working out alongside my husband is just so much fun!

If a workout class just isn’t your thing just turn on you tube in your living room.  We love to turn on a yoga workout after everyone has gone to bed. Our favorite beginner channel is Yoga with Adrienne. No one can see us so we can go as easy or intense as we like.  Plus it’s just a fun and different way to connect!  We’ve even found some cool acro yoga tutorials on you tube that are fun to try.  



Happy sweating!!

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